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Have a sundial on the ceiling!
Fix a piece of mirror to the window sill.
On a sunny day it will cast a small sunspot.
As the Sun moves across the sky from left to right, the sunspot will move across the ceiling from right to left. Interior Sundials are also called Reflected Ceiling Dials.
A small mirror can be fixed near a South facing window. The spot of light that is cast onto the ceiling moves as the Sun travels across the sky. The ceiling of the room can then be marked out as a Sundial.
Let us enhance the appearance of your room. Each Interior Sundial is unique since its design depends on the latitude, longitude and orientation of the building. It must also take into account the size and height of the ceiling and finally the position of the mirror.
Interior Sundials are becoming increasingly popular in schools and colleges, and also as a way of enhancing private homes with an item that is truly unique.

They can be used as part of a memorial to a lost loved one or to a much respected colleague who is no longer with us.
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