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Interior Sundials
Why Unique?


Why Unique?
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Never climb up without using a ladder or steps that are adequate for the purpose.
Always make sure that the ladder is firmly planted on level ground and fixed into position.

Each of our Interior Sundial designs is unique.
Each one is produced specifically for the room in which it is to be set.

Take a sundial from New Orleans to Milwaukee and it will be out by about half an hour, morning and afternoon.

Take the same sundial to Austin and it will be out by about half an hour all day long.

The sundial on the left has the
12 o'clock hour-line to the right of the North-South line (in black).
This shows that (unlike some) it has been designed to take account of its longitude .

By the time we figure in the size, shape and orientation of the room, we have an interesting asymmetric design that is unique to you.

We are a small business based in North Lincolnshire, UK, specializing in the production of sundial designs. Each one of our designs is unique.

We conduct the vast majority of our business over the Internet.

Many sundials make no attempt to be accurate and are content to be merely ornimental.

Our designs take into account, not only the latitude, but also the longitude of the site at which they are to be used.

This means that our designs, if properly carried out, produce some of the most accurate sundials available to the public.