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Interior Sundials
Quotations and Mottoes


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Quotations and Mottoes
US Schools

In nearly every case, an Interior Sundial design will have a space where the sunspot will never fall.

In Northern latitudes, or if the mirror is low down, it may be quite small. In designs for the Southern and South Western States of the US, or if the mirror is hign up, this blank space can be quite large.

It has been the tradition, for many centuries, to use such spaces on sundials to display quotations and mottoes.

We have listed some suggestions at the bottom of this page. There are, of course, many others.


Put the projector high up, perhaps on a table, to make the image smaller. Place it lower down, on the floor, to make it bigger.

Always make sure that the glass sheet, on top of the projector, and all the parts connected with the mirror are secure.

Always make sure that you do not block any air ventilation holes.


Lost time is never found again.

Man's days are but a fleeting shadow.
The Bible

My days vanish like smoke.
The Bible

Naught treads so silent as the foot of time.

No man knows when his hour will come.
The Bible

Nothing is so dear and precious as time.

Our days on Earth are but a shadow.
The Bible

Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.

The grand instructor, time.

The Moon marks off the seasons and the Sun knows when to set.
The Bible

There is a time for everything and a season for every purpose under Heaven.
The Bible

This is the day that the Lord has made.
The Bible

Time and tide stay for no man.

Time conquers all, and we must time obey.

Time is the author of authors.

Time is the nurse and breeder of all good.

Time ripens all things.

Time teaches all things.

Time tries the truth in everything.

Time's waters will not ebb nor stay.

You may delay, but time will not.

Never climb up without using a ladder or steps that are adequate for the purpose.
Always make sure that the ladder is firmly planted on level ground and fixed into position.